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Our Process

Our Simple Step-by-Step Loan Process

We keep our loan process as quick and straightforward as could reasonably be expected with the goal that you can verify your hard cash and begin on your next task. With negligible archives and the quickest guaranteeing process in the business, we can get you to shutting rapidly and productively. Here is the step by step procedure break down:

1- Submit Application

Simply submit your online Application form on the web and one of our loaning specialists will respond to you quickly to examine the venture and your individual or investment needs.

2- Project Breakdown

Subsequent to talking about your needs and objectives for your project, your loaning agent will break down the arrangement by taking a gander at comps, potential value, and your experience as an investor.

3- The Terms

The District Capital takes pride in providing their clients with a fully transparent transaction. Your business is conducted with full adherence to industry best practices and compliance standards. All loan terms are reviewed with a licensed agent prior to origination.

4- Document Collection

When you have endorsed the Terms Sheet, our handling group will gather any LLC, individual, or task archives expected to carry you to closing. Now, your officer will work with you to build up a draw schedule (if your loan includes construction draws) and an evaluation will be requested.

5- Loan Closing

After all the necessary documents are collected and the property title is clear, you can close on the property and begin your project.

6- Construction

After you close on the property, construction can begin. If construction draws are included in your loan, draws will be released after you complete each milestone of your project after your progress has been confirmed by an inspector.

7- Payoff

After construction has been completed, it’s time for you to sell or refinance the property. In the case that additional time is needed to sell the property or complete construction, you can request an extension of your loan to ensure that you are receiving maximum profits.

"We believe good people who work hard achieve great success. It is why we form strong relationships with our borrowers and commit to helping them succeed."

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